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Coordinators: Prof.in Margit Pohl, Dr. Peter Judmaier

Team: Univ. Prof. Dr. Christian Swertz , Mag.a Daniela Leopold

Principal: FFG and BM:WF

Duration: 2007-05-01 - 2008-06-01

Homepage: Ecodesign


In cooperation with the Vienna University of Technology a educational game for students was developed. While playing the game the studens gain knowledge of enviromental sustainability. Based on a didactical approach to the game a simulation called "SULI - Sustainable Living" was implemented. The main goal of the game is to produce, sell and buy goods of the daily life like food, beverages, cloths and newspapers. The production of the goods is supposed to be ecological. As a result of playing the game the students should base their real life shopping on the knowlegde of the game. For further information click here.

ICE Media Award 2009:

in the category: Games (game based learning)


Leopold Daniela (2007): DiKo. Didaktische Konzeption des Lernspiels SuLi

Pohl, Margit; Markus Rester, Markus; Judmeier, Peter: Leopold, Daniela (2008): Designing Game Based Learning – a Participatory Approach. In: Proceedings of Ed-Media Conference 30. Juni - 4. Juli 2008.

Judmaier Peter, Huber Maria, Pohl Margit, Rester Markus, Leopold Daniela: Sustainable Living – A Multiplayer Educational Game Based on Ecodesign. In: International Conference on Engineering and Product Design Education, Universitat Politecnia De Catalunya, Barcelona, Spain. 4 & 5 September 2008




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