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KICO - Children playing digital

Coordinator: Univ. Prof. Dr. Christian Swertz, Dr. Elisabeth Sattler

Team: Mag.a Daniela Leopold, Mag.a Katharina Toifl, Mag. Konstantin Mitgutsch, Mag.a Sabrina Schrammel, interns of the Department of Education and Human Development 

Principal: Austrian Federal Ministry for Health, Family and Youth

Duration: 2007-11-01 - 2008-02-29

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Children use a wide range of media every day. Beside common devices like TV or radio, they more and more start using computer games. In the academic field the matter of children playing computer games is dicussed a lot lately. A common approach of analysing children's game play is to ask the children themselves, but that is a challenging task, because most of the time children just cannot tell you what you want to know about their computer game play. Children do not have such sophisticated oral skills like adults, so it is difficult for them to answer questions they never thought about. The aim of this project was to develop different procedures to question children to their computer game play. To archieve this aim a literature review was created. The project team scanned different online databases, libraries, magazines, etc.. The main focus of the literature review were surveys of children's (age 4-11) computer game play in particular qualitative approaches of consulting children to their game play. Based on the literature review a new methodology was developed. This methodology should help to understand children when talking about their game play as well as give children room to express themselves when asked about their game play.


Leopold, Daniela; Toifl, Katharina (2008): Kinder spielen digital. Unveröffentlichter Endbericht für das Ministerium für Gesundheit, Familie und Jugend

Leopold, Daniela; Toifl, Katharina (2008): Digitale (Spiel-) Kindheit. Qualitative Forschungsmethoden in der Computerspielforschung als Möglichkeit der Erfassung kindlicher Lebenswelt. In: Tagung Future and Reality of Gaming, Oktober 2008, Wien

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